Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is COP15 and why is it important?

This year, from December 7-18, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to determine how the world will deal with climate change. COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and COP15 in Copenhagen marks the 15th annual conference held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This year’s conference is crucially important because countries will be agreeing to a framework of action to succeed the current Kyoto Protocol, which runs out in 2012. Governments will establish an agreement on how to reduce and adapt to climate change at an extremely critical time in our history – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly specifies that our global emissions must peak and start to decline by 2015 if we are to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. We have less than 6 years to achieve this turn-around! This means that COP15 most likely marks our last chance for a global agreement that can lessen climate change before it is too late.

Hence, the importance of getting involved and letting your voice be heard! The delegation of Indian Youth being represented by IYCN,are going to Copenhagen to make sure the Indian government and world know that Indian Youth and citizens care deeply about this issue. We need our government to agree to a tough, effective, and fair international agreement to reduce and adapt to climate change. Make sure you get your voice heard and what other fellow Indians are saying about the issue and what are they looking forward to at COP15. We will also be blogging daily from the base camps set up from around the country to make sure you know how the Indian negotiators are representing you to the world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


nowadays global warming is becoming a really big issue all over the world and we experience climate changes everyday...each year summers are getting hotter...monsoons are gettin drier and winters are colder...someone once said it would snow in Sri Lanka..and this might come true if global warming continues at its present pace...

So as the youth of India and of the world...wat can we do??
GREEN DREAM is a vision...that a bunch of us "youth" have for the future....its a vision to save the world..(lol i kno i sound like one of those miss india contestants)..but seriously...if we all stand up together..and try to reduce the amount of water being wasted by closing the taps at home tightly..or by switching off lights and fans at home when we aint in the rooms..or walking small distances rather than using cars or scooter..by quitting smokin...by doing all this..we can try to make a difference!!!

I wanna make a difference..i wanna save my world...do you??
if you do..then join hands...
we are the world..we are the children..we are the ones to make a brighter day...
lets save the world guyz...and we can start at our own city....
any ideas how???